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How GIBSON'S Gin is made

Gin is similar to its ancestor jenever, a traditional spirit that originated in the Netherlands. It is a grain spirit (malted barley or rye) that is distilled with juniper berries, citrus fruits, plants and spices like coriander and angelica. These herbs and spices are known as “botanicals”.

Gin was born in the Netherlands in 1550 and was popularized in Britain in 1575. When William of Orange ascended the British throne, brandy imports were restricted and this led to the emergence of English gin (London Dry Gin). Gin production began in London in the late 17th century, before spreading across the world. It is a very dry drink, which is why it is rarely served straight and has become so popular in cocktails. Today, the main producers of gin are based in England, the Netherlands and the United States.

Grains and Maceration

Staying true to the traditions of London distillers, we take great care over selecting our grains, which are chosen for their quality and gentle properties.

The grain spirit is then macerated with juniper berries, citrus fruit, plants and spices (coriander, angelica, etc.). It is this maceration process and our closely guarded secret combination of botanicals that gives GIBSON'S London Dry Gin its unique flavour.



The liquid obtained is then redistilled in traditional stills. This allows the aromas from our botanicals to flavour the vapours released.



Finally, the gin exits the stills at 90% ABV. Diluted water is then added to bring it to the retail volume of 37.5%. Chill-filtration allows us to extract any remaining residue, leaving us with our premium GIBSON'S London Dry Gin.


Gin can be split into various categories, including London Dry Gin, which symbolizes gin’s very essence. It is the purist category and no artificial elements can be added such as sugar, flavouring or colouring. This is the type of gin we chose for our GIBSON'S Gin.  Note that the term “London” does not refer to where the gin is made but rather to a style that can be reproduced anywhere in the world.

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