GIBSON'S Yuzu Tonic - Cocktail GIBSON'S

GIBSON'S Yuzu Tonic

In a balloon glass half-filled with ice, add:

4 cl GIBSON'S Gin

4 cl yuzu juice

4 cl tonic

Lemon twist






Simply half-fill the balloon glass with ice cubes, pour in the GIBSON'S Gin and yuzu juice and top with tonic water. Stir gently and garnish with a twist of lemon. The yuzu juice’s citrus notes will give your cocktail even more flavour.

The Gin & Tonic: Origins and variants

In the 1840s, the Royal Navy drank quinine-rich tonic water as a means of fighting malaria. As the drink was very bitter, doctors would add gin to make it more palatable. And so the Gin & Tonic was born. 


Looking for a new take on the traditional Gin & Tonic? This famous cocktail can be spruced up by adding grapefruit, red fruit or violet cordial... For the garnish, give free reign to your imagination with cucumber, orange peel or even rosemary or lavender. To add a hint of spice, why not try a cardamom or ginger flavoured tonic water. The possibilities are endless!

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